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267: An Introduction to Hezbollah: A Worldwide Terrorist Organization

267: An Introduction to Hezbollah: A Worldwide Terrorist Organization

LENGTH: 1 day

Hezbollah is one of the mostpowerful terrorist organizationsaround the world, with a presence on five continents including withinthe United States.It has been responsible for the most casualties against US targets and interests just after al Qaeda.

In view of the growth of the power and outreach of Iranian-backed Hezbollah and its direct threat to US national security, a special course has been designed to cover the strategic and tactical aspects of Hezbollah.

This course provides a historic background of the ideology and evolution ofHezbollah, in the framework of its Iranian backing; an overview of the leadership of the organization; and discusses its present and future strategies, tactics and politics.

The course reviews Hezbollah'sstructure and geographical positioning as well as its operational methods.

It will also cover the Hezbollah threat projection in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and within the West, particularly the United States.

The course will dedicate a segment to analyze Hezbollah projected/possible actions within the US Homeland.

The differences between al Qaeda / Hezbollah / other terrorist organizations are also discussed.


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Read what attendees say about this course:


Impact the Training has had upon Your Thinking:

  • "Significant—worrisome. Good information.Need more and more of this type of training in order to do job well. Course was excellent and Dr. Phares is a great speaker!"
  • "Allowed me to consider the impact of non-state actors in greater depth."
  • "Significant impact; provided greater insight and understanding of who the Hezbollah are, what they do and more importantly, why! Fascinating, engaging and thoroughly enjoyable class."
  • "It's not just the typical state government you need to be concerned about, but organizations like Hezbollah who are not international States but are structured like a State government."
  • "Big impact. Understanding of the Hezbollah structure and its global expansion is very helpful in one of my current projects."
  • "As usual, it has made me realize how little I know!"
  • "A reminder that our true threats are very patient."
  • "I have a much greater appreciation for Hezbollah and their methodologies, and their presence in Latin America and the U.S. This is vital information for my job."
  • "Walid Phares presented the material with a great insight—enjoyed it!"
  • "Wow—I had several ‘ah ha' moments during this class. The instructor drew together some pieces of knowledge I'd had from other areas and made me look at things in a new and more critical way. I'm inspired to do some more research in this area."
  • "I have a much better understanding of Hezbollah now and the importance/impact of events over the last few decades and where we (the U.S.) are now."
  • "Excellent. Would seek out courses taught by Dr. Phares."
  • "Driven me to be more attentive to actions of Hezbollah."
  • "Greatly improved understanding of Hezbollah."
  • "Real eye opener."
  • "Very enlightening."
  • "I feel that training/education should never end. You should always strive to know more than your enemies."


Overall Evaluation of the Course:

"This course was an eye opening experience. Learned more in one day than I working with the subject matter experts who worked Hezbollah for years." (21 yrs working in the US Govt)

"Dr. Phares did an excellent job covering the subject matter. He took a complex subject and broke it down into easy to understand language. His thorough command of the subject matter assisted the students learning and comprehension." (26 yrs)

"Many areas of the Hezbollah organization were covered extensively. The subject matter was extremely comprehensive for an eight hour class." (3 yrs)

"Impressive and one of the best of the IO or SO courses I have taken at the CI Centre." (6 yrs)

"Excellent. It is obvious the Professor Phares is an expert in the Hezbollah strategies, ideology and operations, just to name a few." (25 yrs)

"Excellent delivery of knowledge--clear understanding of subject matter which was clearly articulated in simple terms." (23 yrs)

"Extremely in-depth; will be invaluable in the current job." (32 yrs)

"Extremely important, pertinent information was given during this class. Will recommend this class to other colleagues." (21 yrs)

"Speaker was very well spoken and versed on the subject matter. Information presented was very clear, concise and obviously well researched." (21 yrs)

"Comprehensive coverage with proportionate time given to past, present and future." (4 yrs)

"Excellent. Course content was great. I was amazed at the information—especially considering the length of the class." (21 yrs)

"Incredible amount of information covered in a short period of time. A challenge but the instructor rose to the occasion! I'm on information overload—a good thing." (13 yrs)

"Dr. Phares is extremely knowledgeable and covered the material in a way to make it easy to follow for someone who does not have a very in-depth knowledge of Islam and jihadist groups. The course could be more than one day." (6 yrs)

"The breakdown of history and ideology provided a better understanding of the structure and intention of Hezbollah." (10 yrs)

"Very useful. Helpful to understand the motivation and origin of this organization." (7 yrs)

"Lot of material, but covered really well. Course and instructor provided an end to end review." (16.5 yrs)

"Perfect score. The brief was well-organized and very detailed." (4 yrs)

"Great in depth presentation on Hezbollah. Wish I would have had this course earlier. My first course by CI …very educated and will take more courses of this nature."(21 yrs)

"Wonderful and engaging lecture! Dr. Phares held the audience's attention and kept them riveted with his explanations and insight."

"Clear and very well presented. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Dr. Phares and will certainly be interested in taking more courses taught by him."

"The lecture methodology only works well for me when the presenter is knowledgeable, dynamic and humorous. Dr. Phares fit the bill."

"Extremely knowledgeable—made the Hezbollah organization easy to understand."

"I particularly enjoyed the comparisons to Western concepts and simplification of some very complex ideas and situations."

"Excellent information. Appreciate personal insight."

"Great job. Covered a multitude of information with ease."

"Loved the beginning of the class where we were asked what questions we wanted answered out of the course instead of the usual introductions of people attending the class. Very personable, engaging, brilliant instructor. He made the class. Very good professor, need more instructors like him."

"Speaker was emphatic and engaging."

"Effectively explains a very complex subject."

"Excellent coverage of a complex subject. I came away amazed that so much had been covered in one day."

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